Cuba – May 2019

And then there was Cuba. What an amazing juxtaposition between life the way it’s lived and the environment in which it is lived! The BVI provides everything a cruiser could wish for. Here, in a very refreshing way, you are at the other end of the spectrum.

Havana – known for the many old US cars that have been rebuilt
Statue of Hemingway at the bar
Havana to Cienfuegos – 3 hours in a converted hearse!
Photo from the deck looking down into water 15 feet deep.
Part of the broken reef that forms the Canarreos Archipelago
It’s always nice to have dolphins come and play around the boat
La Floridita – Made famous by Ernest Hemingway.
A fun way to get to the Mercado’s to get the provisions we needed
Approaching Cayo Rico – the water was incredibly clear
Just couldn’t pass it up. We had to dive in
That big? Really? You gotta be kidding me.