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I am so thankful for all of our customers who have taken the time to write a review about their experience with Outbound Sailing. One of the most gratifying aspects of having the best job in the world, is to watch people become enthralled with the challenge, the relaxation, and pure joy that are found in sailing.


Tim Taylor,  Owner


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Josh Pierce

Outbound Sailing has been a boon to me personally and professionally since I joined in 2012.  The boats are meticulously managed and always ready for me to go sailing with friends, colleagues or business partners.  

Kellie Conrad

I would highly recommend Outbound Sailing. It is the perfect way to learn to sail and gain valuable experience without all of the hassle. Tim does a wonderful job of handling all the headache so you can enjoy the best parts of hitting the open waters. The boat is impeccably taken care of and always ready to sail away. This is the best value you can get. If you were to just rent a boat for 4 hours, you would be paying more than you do for an entire month. (of membership)

Sailing Students

John Malesovas

“Thanks Tim.  We are on our last night in the BVI.  Have had a great time thanks to your expert instruction.  Only issue we had was picking up mooring balls with a really short boat hook that ultimately went to the bottom of the ocean on day 3. Heading into dock tomorrow and back home Wednesday.  Can’t wait to come back in May!!”

Ernest Nichols

“Tim, I'm back from my great adventure, and that trip was probably the most fun and most difficult I have had in a while. Handling that 46' Catamaran would have been impossible without your training. Everything we studied and practiced I must have encountered plus a few extras.” 


Laura W

My husband and I sailed with Captain Tim yesterday afternoon.  It was such a beautiful experience.  The boat was clean and well maintained.  Right away we felt safe and in good hands.  He has sailed all through Florida and the Caribbean so his stories and experience are very interesting.  We had a particularly windy sail so it was really fun when he tacked the sails.  He took us on a 2 hour ride and pointed out the different areas and homes around the lake.  We will definitely be back again for another sail in April.  Thanks Tim!!

Perla Caston

Thank you Tim for giving us a wonderful sunset sail. We couldn't have ended the trip on a better note.

Big Brothers / Big Sisters

Tom Boone:  "Tim Taylor from Outbound Sailing took 4 of us out Sailing earlier today and he didn't make a dime on the whole outing.  You see, Outbound Sailing takes volunteers at Big Brothers Big Sisters out for Sailing adventures and they don't ask for anything in return.  And as a matter of fact, due to bad weather, Tim had to reschedule our trip 4 or 5 times and every single time he was cheerful and easy to work with.  We had a great day of Sailing lessons, swimming and sunshine and writing this review is the least I could do.  Highly recommend these guys for any sort of outing you might come up with and if you have kids that you want to introduce to Sailing...  Well, they have a lot of experience!"