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The American Sailing Association has been in operation for more than 30 years. With over 300 sailing schools worldwide and almost half a million certified students, it is the largest and most widely recognized sailing certification body in the world.

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Outbound Sailing is a premier ASA Sailing School located on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. All basic courses are taught on the lake, and we teach the advanced courses in the Caribbean. We provide you with personalized sailing lessons from Basic Sailing to Coastal Navigation and Advanced Coastal Cruising. 

Why Outbound Sailing? Because our sailing lessons are all about the quality of the learning experience. Our goal is to help you realize your sailing dreams by providing you with the best sailing instruction available, then providing you with options as to how you can easily and economically maintain the skills you’ve learned.

How? We start with world class sailing instructors.
Captain Tim is a recipient of the ASA Outstanding Sailing Instructor award which ranks him in the top 2% of ASA sailing instructors world wide. Our instructors are all ASA Certified Sailing Instructors and each brings their own unique sailing experience to the team. This includes voyaging on their own boats, yacht deliveries, ocean passages, offshore racing, and dozens of charters.

As you read on you‚Äôll see there are many other factors that make us a Premier sailing school. So whether you are interested in day sailing or have visions of chartering a sailboat in exotic locations like the Caribbean or the Med, our sailing lessons are specifically designed to prepare you to safely skipper a cruising sailboat in a variety of conditions and locales with total confidence. You will learn on boats that are clean, safe, professionally maintained, and fitted with safety equipment that exceeds the US Coast Guard requirements. Importantly, with a variety of boat sizes, you will be taking your lessons on a boat that is suitable to the level of class you are taking. Since our sailing classes are limited to a maximum of two people, you are assured of receiving a level of attention and personalization that you cannot achieve in a large scale class. You have the instructor‚Äôs undivided attention and the ‚Äúhands on‚ÄĚ time is all you and your team mate working together¬†learning¬†to command a full size cruising sailboat.¬†

Retaining your sailing skills is very important, so we not only teach you to sail, but provide you with opportunities to maintain and improve your skills. Our objective is to get you out on the water, whether it’s with us, with our ex-students, on your own boat, a yacht club, or some other sailing organization.

In addition to being a personal sailing resource for you, we have Refresher Courses, a Membership program that provides you with full time access to a cruising sailboat for a monthly fee, or you can take advantage special charter rates on our boats for our students. Our Caribbean Adventure Learning course is the ultimate in preparing you for chartering or sailing your own boat in all sorts of exotic places.

We encourage you to call and make an appointment to come out to the marina, meet our Instructors, and see the boats you‚Äôll be learning on. So give us a call today ‚Äď you‚Äôll be glad you did!


Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101)  $725*  2 days
Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)  $750*  2 days
Bareboat Cruising (ASA 104)  $895*  3 days and 2 nights
Practical Navigation + ASA 105  $695* 

3 day Classroom Course. Includes Electronic Navigation   Click here for more info

Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) РOnline  $380   Click Here to Register for this course
Advanced Cruising & Seamanship (ASA 106)  $995    Available on our Caribbean Adventure Learning trips
Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114)  $775    Available on our Caribbean Adventure Learning trips

* Plus Materials: ¬†101 ‚Äď $59¬† ASA Fees plus $25.00 book.¬† 103 – $15 ASA Fees plus $28 book.¬† 104 ‚Äď $15 ASA Fees plus $33.00 book.

Course Schedules

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There is a maximum of 2 students in each of the sailing courses.  

We sometimes get cancellations, and we often add classes. So check back often!

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