Outbound Sailing Community

In our ongoing commitment to help our students maintain their sailing skills we are introducing a new program we call Outbound Sailing Community.

You may know of our Monthly and Bareboat Memberships, Pico rentals, our Refresher courses, Carib trips, and other skill maintenance programs we offer. This is a bit different. It also brings a more social aspect
to your sailing and will result in more opportunities for you to go sailing with other students.

The primary purpose of this Community is to help our students get out on the water so you can practice and improve your sailing skills. But it will also introduce you to other sailors with similar interests and objectives, will
build sailing relationships, and give you more opportunities to get on a sailboat. Several of our Members, Instructors, and other sailors who have boats at Sail & Ski Marina have expressed an interest in skippering these events and expanding their sailing networks, so you might find some more opportunities there. It’s amazing how much you can learn just by hanging out with other sailors.

Starting out, we will be offering Community Sailing 2 to 3 times per month with the typical sailing time being about 2½ to 3 hours. The cost is $25 per person. We will be using Boomerang, which gives us plenty of room for the skipper and 5 students. Each person will get time at the helm and crew time, and the skipper will accommodate requests for training in particular areas of sailing or seamanship.

ASA strongly suggests that 101 students get 24 hours on the water sailing practice before taking 103, and that 103 students get 80 hours sailing before taking 104. This is very difficult to achieve, but we are committed to helping our students get as much practice as possible before the next class.
The program is open to all of our students who have taken 101 with us and are currently registered for, or have already completed, 103.