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2 weeks ago
I just finished taking ASA 101 with Tim and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. I came in with zero experience but Tim’s excellent instruction made that a non-issue.

Tim has a wealth of knowledge, is happy to share it in a delightful manner, and is able to make the material both enjoyable and applicable. I cannot recommend Outbound Sailing enough for anyone who is curious about sailing.

I will be coming back to take more lessons with Outbound Sailing because I know that it will be time and effort well spent.

2 months ago
Tim is a very knowledgeable and capable instructor. He brings a lot of good and positive energy to his lessons. He has been very available and easy to approach and communicate with. He’ll challenge you without making you feel pushed. I highly recommend him and his courses
a month ago
Tim is an excellent instructor. He’s knowledgeable, detail-oriented, patient, and an all-around cool guy. Highly recommended!
5 months ago
Just completed my ASA 104 with Tim on Lake Travis. Was an amazing experience. Also the weather couldn’t have been better wind wise. Highly recommend Outbound sailing.
11 months ago
We had an amazing time learning to sail with Tim! We are so excited about our adventures to come and have already signed up for ASA 103. Tim was a great teacher: knowledgable, patient, and experienced. We feel so lucky to have chosen Outbound Sailing and had the opportunity to learn the basics from Tim.
a year ago
What an amazing experience we had with Tim and Outbound Sailing last weekend! It was an absolute pleasure being on this amazing boat that had exactly all we needed.

Tim went above and beyond to make sure we had a fantastic time, including letting us take part in manning the boat and dropping us off for swims along the way. Sailing with him really made our vacation weekend and I would highly recommend this package to anyone!

a year ago
Outbound Sailing – even better than I could have imagined!
I have had some great times sailing with others in the past, but have always wanted to get the skills needed to be comfortable sailing on my own, or taking out friends, with a bucket list goal to charter in the Caribbean. Taking my first step with ASA 101 and Outbound Sailing was more fun and instructive that I had imagined! Capt. Doran is a pro, easy to get to know, and most of all a fantastic instructor. We had two great days on Lake Travis, and I am looking forward to 103 and beyond. These guys are top notch!
7 months ago
Capt. Doran took me out on Pico (Catalina Capri 18) for a 4-hr, hands-on sailing class.

Capt. Doran was eager to share his extensive expertise. He was punctual and personable.

I had a great time, learned a ton, and now feel confident to take out a small – medium sailboat, single-handed.

I have no problems highly recommending Outbound Sailing.



Thomas Zavaleta – 3/15/17  Posted on Facebook

Oh – Did I mention how great an instructor Tim Taylor is at outbound sailing in Austin? I came our feeling very prepared thanks to him. I can hear him now “Thomas the clew is rising”

RJ – 1/2/17  Captained Charter  (5 stars)

With friends, did a sunset cruise with Outbound Sailing December 30 on Lake Travis.   We had a wonderful time with our captain, Doran.    None of us had sailed on Lake Travis and we had a wonderful time.   We brought out own snacks and drinks.  It was a lot of fun and my friends are still talking about it.  If you want to impress your friends or have a special outing in Austin…. I would highly recommend Outbound sailing…..


Tommy Coleman – 11/28/2016   Caribbean Adventure Learning     Yelp (5 stars)

I have taken ASA 101, 103 and 104.  For 104 my wife and I went on one of Tim’s Sailing/Training vacation and it was phenomenal.  Tim is so knowledgeable, patient and commanding (at the right times).  We all went to the BVI, UVI and Puerto Rico and learned a ton.  Highly recommend taking 101 or training’s with Tim. Could not hope to find a better experience.


Kendra B. – 11/17/2016   Caribbean Adventure Learning    Yelp (5 stars)

I just returned from Outbound Sailing’s November Adventure Learning trip to the Virgin Islands and had the absolute best experience! I wasn’t taking a certification course, but 3 men on the trip were and I was able to watch them learn so much and gain a lot of sailing knowledge and experience, while at the same time having an amazing time! We were able to explore 8 islands in 9 days, doing some long passages and also stopping to snorkel, eat ashore, and explore the beautiful British, Spanish, and US Virgin Islands. Tim is an amazing person and incredible sailing instructor – we really had a great time with him. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in learning to sail or just interested in being around it and going along to support their significant other! AMAZING experience, thanks so much to Tim for all that he does!!


Celeste Richardson – 7/20/2016 – Lessons   Facebook  (5 stars)

Tim is an amazing instructor. I was excited but a bit anxious since I’ve never sailed before. He was very knowledgeable and patient while making our time on the water fun. We have now completed two courses with him and look forward to learning more from him.


Parker R. – 7/4/2016 – Lessons   Yelp  (5 stars)

Wow! What a great experience! My wife and I have always wanted to learn how to sail and instead of starting with tiny boats and teaching ourselves, we decided to take the leap and learn how to sail a real boat right, the first time. After some internet searching and looking at reviews online, for not only Texas but around the country, we decided to use Tim from Outbound Sailing. The small class approach (usually only 2 people at a time) really suited our approach to things, not to mention more time on each skill!

Going into sailing with very limited knowledge can be a little overwhelming. Tim made it very relaxed, enjoyable, and most of all fun! We took both the ASA 101 and ASA 103 and have come away feeling very confident in our ability to safely sail a 30+ ft. sailboat together or singlehanded.

If you are thinking about learning how to sail either to  eventually do a charter in some other country or just for the new skill set, I can’t recommend Tim more. As soon as our schedule allows we will be back to take ASA 104 and further our knowledge. Thanks Tim!


Liz H – 4/24/2016 – Charter    Yelp  (5 stars)

Loved our experience with Captain Tim. He took my husband and I out for a sunset sail on our wedding anniversary. The boat was immaculate and Tim was charming and showed us a great time. We were also lucky that the weather was perfect and it was just so peaceful on Lake Travis. Will plan on sailing with Captain Tim again!


Becca Christensen –  3/26/16 – Lessons   Facebook (5 stars)

Tim is so wonderful! He’s so patient and loves sharing his sailing knowledge. We have enjoyed our courses so far and look forward to more!


Laura W – 3/20/2016 – Charter    Yelp (5 stars)

My husband and I sailed with Captain Tim yesterday afternoon.  It was such a beautiful experience.  The boat was clean and well maintained.  Right away we felt safe and in good hands.  He has sailed all through Florida and the Caribbean so his stories and experience are very interesting.  We had a particularly windy sail so it was really fun when he tacked the sails.  He took us on a 2 hour ride and pointed out the different areas and homes around the lake.  We will definitely be back again for another sail in April.  Thanks Tim!!


Ernest N – 1/22/16 – Lessons   email

I’m back from my great adventure, and that trip was probably the most fun and most difficult I have had in a while. Handling that 46′ Catamaran would have been impossible without your training. Everything we studied and practiced I must have encountered plus a few extras. We had only 1 Crew Overboard, and the rescue operations went great. It was my wife, she fell off the back of the boat, but I had the boat turned around and lassoed her within 60 seconds with a mooring rope.  She even hollered out “Crew Overboard” after falling into the water.


Kara F – 10/19/2015 – Lessons    Yelp (5 stars)

I just completed ASA 101 (Basic Keelboat Sailing) Certification course and I could not have had a better experience.
My boyfriend and I have dreams of traveling the world on a sailboat, but I had zero experience sailing and he had some experience as a kid but no formal training. We thought we might have to go to the coast for proper lessons, but we found good reviews of Tim Taylor / Outbound Sailing online and I’m so glad we did. 
From the beginning, you can tell that Tim cares about offering quality, personal instruction to meet the needs of whatever your goals might be. There is an initial meeting where you are introduced to Tim and the boats. If you like what you see, you pay a deposit and take home the ASA 101 book to read and study before your lessons (which you should do because it accelerates your lesson if you are already familiar with the basics – at least in theory). The ASA 101 course is two full days that comprise of talking over the book/theory, practical instruction with knots, getting the boat ready and put away, handling the boat under power, and plenty of sailing.
I highly appreciated Tim’s instruction style. It is calm, encouraging, personable and humorous. It’s never intimidating, demeaning or heavy-handed. As a couple, my boyfriend and I were treated equally and got equal time at the helm, as crew on the lines, and practicing each skill such as raising the mainsail or maneuvering the boat back into the slip. Our comments and questions were always welcome.
Insider’s tip: watch out for Slim, the grog-loving PFD.
I’m looking forward to going back for ASA 103 and beyond. Thanks for a great first course, Tim!

Elizabeth Smith Theis – 9/16/15 – Charter   Facebook
(5 stars)

Tim was amazing! It was a great and relaxing time. Perfect way to end our trip. Loved it and highly recommend it.


Perla Caston – 9/7/15 – Charter   Facebook (5 stars)

Thank you Tim for giving us a wonderful sunset sail. We couldn’t have ended the trip on a better note.


Payam Sarabi  –  7/3/2015 – Lessons   Yelp (5 stars)

I highly recommend private lessons with Tim over any other ASA program in the area after researching many alternates – his boats are beautiful and he is a fantastic teacher at all levels. with this program you start on a nimble 28′ mid sized boat and finish your classes on a 31′. I have to date done Asa 101 and 103 with 104 next up and my confidence as well as proficiency at sailing has improved many fold. Outbound also offers a growing fleet of crazy well kept boats in their membership fleet which also seems like a great set up (I’m not a member yet but may be after my classes). In short I highly recommend anyone to outbound sailing and you will really enjoy working with Tim!


Don E. – 6/14/15 – Lessons   email

Hello Tim, You taught me well.  It was a tight fit (Med moor) but it went off without a hitch.  Alex did the anchor and we backed right in. We are in Finikas Harbor on Siros.


Chris L – 4/9/2015 – Lessons   Yelp (5 stars)

Tim Taylor just provided me with ASA 101, 103 and 104 instruction and testing.  It was a fantastic experience.  Not only does Tim have a way of teaching that simplifies and greatly emphasis on the real world of sailing, but he does so in a really positive manner that makes one want to learn more and excel at all aspects of sailing.  From man overboard drills to tacking and jybing to knot tying, Tim’s experience and years spent on boats comes through in a delightful way.


Kellie Conrad – 1/22/15 – Member   email

I would highly recommend Outbond Sailing Services. It is the perfect way to learn to sail and gain valuable experience without all of the hassle. Tim does a wonderful job of handling all the headache so you can enjoy the best parts of hitting the open waters. The boat is impeccably taken care of and always ready to sail away. This is the best value you can get. If you were to just rent a boat for 4 hours, you would be paying more than you do for an entire month.


Joshua Pierce – 10/19/14 – Member   email

Outbound Sailing has been a boon to me personally and professionally since I joined in 2012.  The boats are meticulously managed and always ready for me to go sailing with friends, colleagues or business partners. Outbound Sailing makes having a boat both easy and professional.  The boats are always clean and easy to reserve while professional management keeps them safe and well-maintained.  


Patrick Z – 9/9/2014 – Lessons   Yelp (5 stars)

My wife and I were looking for a location in the San Antonio / Austin area to take a basic sailing course certified through the American Sailing Association (ASA).  We received the recommendation to seek out Tim Taylor with Outbound Sailing.  After a two day course, where we both met all of ASA Keelboard 101 standards, I can tell you that Tim is simply a great instructor.  He has the unique ability to clearly define reachable goals, walk the student through a process, talk them through the execution, and then let them take full control with confidence.  Within two days, both my wife and I were able to handle all aspects of sailing a mid-size sailboat with confidence and ease.  Tim’s easy going personality and clear instruction under the ASA lesson plans had us tacking, jibing, trimming sails, and managing the sailboat quickly and without anxiety.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the same level of instruction through ASA.


Brendon Jones – 6/15/14 – Lessons   Facebook (5 stars)


Julz H – 9/30/2013 – Charter   Yelp (5 stars)

My husband and I decided on a sunset sailing cruise for one of our many 9th anniversary treats.  It was quite fantastic!  Tim is not only a fantastic captain, but he is a gracious host and we couldn’t have had a more enjoyable time.  My husband grew up sailing, so he was quite excited to assist and take the helm.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and an incredible sunset.  We look forward to our next voyage!!  Thanx Tim!!!


Tom B – 5/20/2012 – Big Brothers/Big Sisters   Yelp (5 stars)

Tim Taylor from Outbound Sailing took 4 of us out Sailing earlier today and he didn’t make a dime on the whole outing.
You see, Outbound Sailing takes volunteers at Big Brothers Big Sisters out for Sailing adventures and they don’t ask for anything in return.  And as a matter of fact, due to bad weather, Tim had to reschedule our trip 4 or 5 times and every single time he was cheerful and easy to work with.
We had a great day of Sailing lessons, swimming and sunshine and writing this review is the least I could do.  Highly recommend these guys for any sort of outing you might come up with and if you have kids that you want to introduce to Sailing…  Well, they have a lot of experience!